Inspiring Women Today (IWT) Mentor Moments

A ONE on ONE MentorMoments with Nikki Taylor – A personalised one on one  “learning from someone who wants you to grow” – Nikki Taylor

Mentor with Me – We will have fun we will encourage we will start with a blank page and I will guide you all the way on your journey together.

“Nikki said – If you hang out with me for too long I will brainwash you into believing in yourself and know you can achieve anything”.

Mentoring Clients love their weekly hangouts with Nikki. One phone call away to find out if you are a good fit.

What is a Mentor Moment – One on one  with Nikki Taylor Mentor, Author, Founder of Inspiring Women Today and International Recruiter with 15 years plus experience in Recruitment. I have so much to offer you including connection, friendship, encouragement, inspiration, collaboration, introductions, door openings and personal growth.

This is an opportunity to assist you to achieve so much more for you and work as a team together to guide you all the way.

The investment for a 4 sessions Mentoring program is AUD$858.00, these can purchased at anytime in modules of 4.

Questions? Email Nikki,