Wonder Woman – Jo Lynch – Australia

I had 6 kids by the time I was 26 and got married at 29 and had another 5. My youngest is now 11 and my oldest is
31. All my life all I have done is be home for the kids and do for them. As you can imagine there were a few times
during their growing up that I suffered from depression. But I got through, and I am out on the other side of that
now. However, almost 7 years ago now our house burnt down. That was a complete life changer. Before that I was a
very successful Mary Kay Director, running a team of girls. Only 2% of the consultants become directors. I was feeling
pretty chuffed with myself because I finally felt like I had achieved something in my life. But, as you can imagine,
after the fire, I had a complete breakdown. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.
Thankfully I have a very supportive Husband and we got through it. But, after the fire is where my life completely

In December of 2011 I joined a gym. I wouldn’t have done that had we continued to live where our house was, but
because we were further into civilization now I was able too. I had joined gyms before, but this time was different. I
was given 3 free PT sessions that completely changed my life. The first trainer I was given didn’t click with me, so I
was given another and that is where the rest of my life began. He inspired me so much that by the end of 2012 I was
a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I had already started cert 3 in hair Dressing a few months before the house burnt
down so I was doing both at the same time. I did work in a gym for a little while but felt it was ridiculous the amount
of rent I was paying to the gym, so I bought some equipment and started to run my business at home.

A couple of years later I went back to school to do cert 4 in Hair Dressing. That was a great time. I gained more friends and was
really loving the studies. In the same building by this time was a Beauty School, so as soon as I finished Hair Dressing
I started with a diploma in Beauty Therapy. OH My Gosh! I really loved that. Never in my life would I have thought
that I would enjoy putting my hands on people but I find it very therapeutic. I completed my diploma in June 2016.
And believe it or not, I have just gone back to school to do cert 3 in Barbering. While doing my cert 4 in Hair Dressing
I realized I wanted to specialize in men’s but there were no Barbering courses then, so I didn’t pursue it, but now!
I’m super excited to be able to fulfil one more dream.In amongst all this great study period I began to run. I have trouble with my shoulders and that makes it difficult to train the way I really want to, so I had to re-evaluate my training and what I could do. I realized I still had the ability to run.

And one of my main goals when it comes to exercise is to be fitter. So, running it was. I now run 20+ km a week. I walk 20+ km a week. And I do Highland Dancing 6+ hours a week. I do at least one fun run a year. I just did 13.5km in Run The Rock. Think I might actually get another one in this year and I am thinking of a half marathon this time. I am not a fast runner by any means, but I do run and it helps to keep me sain. It’s definitely my outlet, my therapy. So is the dancing.

Since we have been renting from September 2011 we have moved house a lot. Too many times to keep count. It’s
been really tough. I hate moving, but for one reason or another we always seem to have to move. In doing so, I had
lost a lot of clients because we ended up moving too far away for them to attend regularly. Moving to Mitcham killed
my business, but we are now in Wantirna and the house we have is big enough to cater for all my businesses and
what they need, and we have renewed our lease for the first time in 7 years, such a relief.

I have had to do a lot of self-development and I continue to work on me daily. I’ve got a long way to go still, but I am improving in all areas of my life daily. I attended a self-development retreat back in November and that has helped turn my business around. Doing so many things it’s sometimes hard to know where to put my energies. But I now have clarity and with that
clarity I have become consistent. Of course, that’s exactly what my businesses have needed all this time, but with me
doing so many things I use to jump around all the time with what I wanted to focus on.

Not anymore. Now I focus on the fitness side of things and teach others how to have the success with their weight loss that I have had. And that makes me feel so good. I have 7 ladies already on the wait list for my next group that wont be running until June. Can’t tell you how chuffed I am at that. Consistency. That’s all it takes. I also home school my 3 youngest children so being there for them and their schooling is of the most importance. This is the main reason I work on my business rather than going to work for someone else. My kids need me to have that flexibility.

So, in short! I am a Personal Trainer, a Metabolic Nutritionist, a Hair Dresser, and Beauty Therapist, and will soon be
a Barber. I have 11 children with 8 ½ Grandkids, I run my businesses from home so I can home school my 3 youngest
children. I run 20+ km a week, I walk 20+ km a week, I do Highland Dancing 6+ hours a week, I’m learning to play the
bagpipes and I’m just overall Wonder Woman.

You can contact the Author on – beautywithjo@hotmail.com

The Day I Started To Believe In Myself – Kim Wright – Australia

I was born in Launceston Tasmania the eldest of five children. My father was a Boiler Maker Welder and my mother stayed home and worked hard trying to make ends meet. Theirs’ was a turbulent marriage which ended in divorce 25 years later. As children we had lots of freedom and would regularly go missing for the whole day as we trekked around the countryside returning in time for our evening meal to an anxious mother. Despite her vexed look and harsh words, she doubtlessly was pleased to see us.

In my family I was the first born. I was the first teenage pregnancy. I was the first unmarried mother. I was the first to shun marriage and opted to live in sin but married later. I was the first to be divorced. All through my life I have carried shame. The shame of being sixteen and pregnant. Marrying my baby’s father was not an option we were just kids playing around and got caught out. Even now I can see myself standing in the family kitchen confirming my parents worse fear that yes, I was pregnant.

There were no words of comfort or support given at any stage during my pregnancy. My mother told me, “I had ruined the rest of my life”. My father told me, “No decent man would ever want me, nobody wants used goods”. I bought that one and carried it around until I was well into my forties. Little wonder I have two failed marriages and a trail of broken relationships. More shame. I have three children to two different fathers, more shame. I left my children, more shame.

Let’s face it being pregnant at sixteen is not what any parent wants for their child. In the 70’s it was still associated with girls of (shall we say) loose morals or girls who came from a poor family background. Nice girls never did these things. I was the girl your mother told you to never associate with and your father told you to have a good time with, but do not marry. When I was five months pregnant I was sent to Melbourne and stayed at The Presbyterian Sisterhood, a residential placement for unmarried mothers until the birth of my daughter.

My baby was going to be given up for adoption. Funny I don’t recall ever being asked what I wanted until very late in my pregnancy. By then I had been told so many times as to what I was going to be doing that I simply repeated, “my baby was going to be adopted”. My beautiful daughter was born on 29 December 1973 and something happened on the inside of me. I found myself saying, “I am not giving her up for adoption”. Social workers, nurses, the sisters and matron of the unmarried mothers home tried to talk me out of it, but I stood firm in my decision.

Hmmm was that the beginning of tenacity or was I just being a stubborn rebellious teenager. I returned to Tasmania with my daughter and to my supportive parents. I dare say it was easy for them and I was not privy to any of the conversations that happened prior to my return or after. But they were there for me, and they loved my daughter as much as I did.

After living together for three years I married my first husband only to leave six months later. I left my first husband for another man who is the father of my other two children. It was a toxic relationship involving drugs, abuse, threats and manipulation. After 7 years I could not take it any more and left. I left my children. At that stage I believed I was a bad mother. I believed every rotten thing that had been happening within our home was my fault, if I was a better mother my children would be happier, if I was a better at relationships my partner would be happier.

Several months later my children and I were reunited as a family, but the road was so much harder because of the damage that had been done. We endured an incredible amount of hardship over the next 10 plus years but the one factor that drove me was I wanted a better life for my family, and for myself. I wanted more and was not prepared to sit back and accept what life had dished up so far.

Shame held me back. I made little inroads, but it was a constant uphill struggle and many times I would end up in tears of frustration and desperation. Subconsciously the shame I felt kept me from the very things I wanted. It started when I was sixteen and pregnant, followed by children to different fathers (we still hear that one today) “she’s got three children to different fathers” said with a condescending tone, said with judgment. Then came, “you’ve been divorced twice”, “a sucker for punishment”, and “how could you leave your children”? “I would never do that no matter how bad things were”.

I carried all of this and more until the day I started to believe in myself. It wasn’t triggered by anything special just a cumulation of events over a long period of time and the insatiable desire for a better way of being. I knew for things to change I had to start with myself. It has been a journey of self discovery and personal development with many ups and downs and twists and turns.

Living overseas for 2 years, then moving interstate 11 years ago to make a new life for myself, establishing a career in teaching adults with job ready skills, and now I own two businesses. The journey I started with my first business in May 2017 is far from the journey I am currently experiencing. The world I move in keeps expanding and the opportunities just keep coming. It is my choice as to which opportunities I accept and which direction I take at this exciting stage of my life. One thing I know for sure is I no longer carry shame. I love that sixteen year old girl and I admire her courage, her tenacity and her resilience without her I would not be who I am today or whom I become tomorrow.

About the Author

Kim is the Founder of Office Society and the Branch Director of Business In Heels – North Shore Sydney. She is an aspiring speaker and author.

Kim gives business owners the confidence in knowing their office is humming along efficiently allowing them to use their resources to gain a competitive edge.

A true business matchmaker connecting and collaborating business to business.

Kim’s favourite quote, “Life is like an ice cream, just when you think you have it licked, it drips all over you”.

You can contact Kim on – kim@officesociety.com.au

The journey of my healing had begun – Tess Hansel – Australia

A big hello to you!

My name is Tess Hansel and I live in Queensland Australia on five acres with my husband Bob, daughter Nicky, horse (Red), dogs (Chester and Katie) and our cat (Nova).

I retired from my office job in 2013 and will never forget the unceremonious farewell as the organisation was very keen to see the back of an employee who questioned the unquestionable!

I suppose I’ve always been like that. For many years though, I would silently question those around me, but something happens as you begin your journey through menopause, and the emerging lioness within begins to roar.

That’s a good thing too, as us women have a long way to go before we can see the equality in our lives that we so deserve.

So, you could say that my retirement farewell on the day was non-existent. In fact, they were so pleased to see me go, that the manager drove into the city to meet a taxi containing my work exit document, ensuring that I would depart the office and organisation that very day!

My crime – caring about my fellow workmates and helping them have a voice. You see, there was (and still is) a real agenda against older women admin workers in Australia and all our experience, encouragement, and love and care is not what a typical office wants to see these days.

You would think I had learnt my lesson but, no, it took two more government contracts in a temporary capacity to see me well and truly out the door of admin/office work! And, yes, I was fired after helping a few members of the admin staff to get their concerns and unreasonable job conditions accelerated to the right quarters, by-passing a certain level of management.

The first time I arrived home – my husband, who gets home before me, jokingly asked me if I’d been fired as I got out of the car. It was a bit hard to hide as I had my typical box of goodies with my desk fan (a must during menopause) perched on the top.

The second time I told him by phone, as I was working out of a different city. He was not particularly amused.  “Let me guess, you got involved in someone else’s work treatment issue – right?” That would be a yes from me, I said quietly as he digested the news.

It’s all very well and good at the time, standing up for peoples’ rights, but afterwards you do begin to feel a tad foolish and wonder how things will pan out.

As I sat at my home desk, it dawned on me – I had always earned a living, before Bob and after Bob, and I began to sink into a pity party – literally used half a box of tissues. Part of me was miserable about the situation of older admin women in government and private sector offices and part of me was just suffering the effects of being ill.

You see I had been fighting hemiplegic migraines for quite some time. For any of you that suffer from those I send the biggest hug as it’s the pits. So, part of the tear fest was due to ill health, but a big part of my emotions was knowing that there are government and private sector offices all over Australia where older women are being ignored, pushed around and put down in the hope that they will give in and leave. And so many of these women are suffering ill health due to the stress and treatment they are receiving, let alone managing menopause.

I was so upset that the women I was helping (and men as well) were now on their own, but at least I had helped them take a stand and management was now aware and accountable.

For me though, I began a slide into a deep pit.  I was not only working through the emotions of rejection from my full-time role and contract roles, but I was second-guessing my overall role in life, as well as daily fighting the symptoms of hemiplegic migraine.

I went into a time of fasting and prayer and one morning I had an ‘aha’ moment, sitting at my desk – “You are a project researcher – why don’t you make Tess the project and research your health?”

And that’s what I did! I took some of my energy, compassion, love and consideration and gave it to me!

The journey of my healing had begun as I started to research the food I was eating, then went further into bathroom products, medications, cleaning products – everything. I discovered and removed all synthetic chemicals and began eating organic fruit and vegetables.

The turnaround was immediate, from the first mouthful of real food, because it was real food.

Now I’m helping and encouraging other menopausal women to become their own project.

Especially when it comes to bladder control. Hemiplegic migraines had left me incontinent, partially weakened on one side and with the foggiest brain.

Now I am healed, living without aches or pains, have a fully retrained bladder (having discovered the Dry Swan Exercise) and have taken back my life!

I have written two eBooks and have now created an online bladder control course to help other menopausal women put themselves first in their care life too.

You can read more about me here: 

Big hugs – I love what Amelia Earhart had to say, “The most effective way to do it is to do it.”



Tess is a bit of a miracle, having suffered many life-threatening experiences, including being hit by a car while riding a bike to primary school as a child, drowning, and two life-threatening childbirths.

The attacks in 2011 of hemiplegic migraine, and resulting stroke paralysis, saw Tess on a journey to explore how she could reclaim her good health. Part of that recovery was discovering an amazing exercise (Dry Swan) to reclaim her bladder control.

After years of research and struggle Tess has beaten the odds once again and is now sharing what she has learnt to help other women suffering urinary incontinence.

Tess is from a family of nine children and grew up in a post-war family (in Christchurch, New Zealand) with all the trials and challenges that presented. She is married to Bob (38 years) and has two beautiful daughters – Bobbi and Nicky.

Tess’ background includes owning and operating several businesses including television broadcast where she presented the local weekly shopping show. As well, Tess has qualifications in project management and has worked in many different businesses and organisations over the years, in various roles of EA, PA and secretary.


Tess Hansel – Author of

Organic Food Heals – 7 Awesome Ways to Good Health Naturally

Take Back Your Bladder Control

And Online Course – Better Bladder Better Life

Divorce is the end of the relationship, not the end of life – Revathi Mohan – India


I was born in a highly conservative family in a town called Tiruchengode (Tamilnadu, India). Like most of the girls in my community, I completed my Masters with Distinction. And of-course, it is a symbol of esteem to complete an Engineering Degree or a Master Degree – Strictly ‘No’ to the job.

Till then life for me was one and only my family, to get a good name to my family members – that too based on the subject score and the words from my teacher. Those days girls will not be appreciated and encouraged much if they achieved something other than academics. After 2 years of groom hunt – with the approval from the astrologer and the groom’s first circle (no doubt, to approach the people who only gave positive words about the guy just because astrologer gave positive remarks), I got married. It didn’t last even for 10 days.

I was born in a social circle where good girls must tolerate all the non-sense attitude of the groom’s house. Even though they disrespect us to the core out of insecurity and low self-esteem.  He verbally abused me. Within a week of marriage, tortured me to the core and also said, this is your final day – threatened me to get ready with the suicide note. I was petrified. I realized, his intention behind this marriage is not to live a happy life with me. I was shattered. I heard the worst statement I ever hear in my life- ‘Why do you smile at guest – are you trying to flatter them’ – so far I heard ‘Smile’ is the basic respect we give to the other human being. I was not allowed to talk with neither the guest nor anyone at his home.

I tried my best to make my parents to realize his attitude. I was clueless what I am going to do next. I am okay to go with the flow.  I took a decision and discussed with my family members that, I don’t deserve to live this kind of life, no matter what- I just want to come out of this.

The impact they left in 10 days remained for 3 years in my life- I was on medication for a year and therapy for couple of years.

I experienced the definition of Depression.

I was ashamed to meet my loved ones- It reminded their toxic words not to talk with anyone.

I used to cry for no reason when I see for paper and pen – that reminds he compelled me to write a suicide note

I got to fear for my favourite food and restaurant  – since he said he mix poison in that

I got fear to travel – since he tried to crash the car which my father complimented for my wedding just because I was not ready to write suicide note.

My hands shivered like anything. I just wake up in the mid of night and cried for no reason.  I could not hold a glass full of water to drink. I was scared of everything – even to cross the road without a companion was a biggest achievement.

Then I took a decision – I don’t want to give any reason to anyone to follow my instinct. All I could feel is , ”I don’t deserve to live this kind of worst life”

2013- I got married and applied for divorce.

Then I joined in college studied full time Masters in counselling Psychology.

It was absolute pain to sit in the classroom and listen how to handle the pain.  There are days I run out of the class and cry for no reason.

There are days I was unable to focus on any therapy.

I got absolutely very good friends during my college days who hug me everyday and say I am perfect

On 2013 my birthday I was a depressed patient in a hospital and at 2014 I was a psychologist intern at a hospital. I found a Year can do a lot to a person based on the choice they made.

I passed out in the year 2015 and I was the first student who got placed in my department

Placed at an reputed Engineering College as the first CounsellingPsychologist.

Yes, the two gentle men created a job for me.

2016-   Quit my job and started travelling just to explore about people and lifestyle.

Interviewed amazing personalities right from Mrs.India, Padma Bhushan Awardee( highest civilian award in India) Member of Parliament, Lawyers, Educational Institute Founder, Students, Spiritual Gurus , Road side sellers etc

Found the answer for ‘what matters the most and where the real happiness is’

2017-   I started to write snippets and blogs , then I wrote a book about parenting ‘ The Smile Syrup’

Now, Revathi, The Author – ‘The Smile Syrup’

Am sure now I am the reason behind the Smile of Millions

And now my parents are proud of me for the difference I am making in people’s life. Talking with strangers – listening to their problems- giving a clarity in their life and making an impact is a bliss. And it takes years and so many hardships to realise this thing.

I hate people call me victim or survivor. I don’t want people to pity me and I don’t want to play a safe victim game. I always want to be a person who tries hard to get what I deserve.

I realised it is my responsibility to change my identity. Of course yes, the person who could save me is only me. The choices I consider and the decision I chose matters a lot. Even though, my father is financially and socially secured I haven’t experienced this kind of bliss even before.

What I am now today is because of the kind of people I chose to be with  and the kind of life, I want to live and to the kind of person I wish to make the positive impact . I do counselling and make people really okay with my presence. I am happy and feel content that I make difference in their lives. Life is once, nobody deserves to live an unhappy life.

I realize, not all the men are cruel. I was compelled by someone to write a suicide note and I was inspired by someone to write my book ‘The Smile Syrup’.

2018-  I framed my own module and started a story telling session  for parents.

It’s my prudence and persistence makes me to reach the place where I am today.

One life changing statement in my life,


Now I am proud to say, if you know me a year back – I say, ‘ sorry that’s not me- everyyear my growth is  strong and allow me to re-introduce myself’.

Dream and Believe In Yourself – Tori Athanasia Nikolaou – Australia

I was born in Wollongong, NSW on 22 April, 1995.

I am of Aboriginal descent from my mother’s side of the family. I belong to the Worimi People from Taree, NSW and the Gambangirr People from Nambucca Heads, NSW. My Greek heritage comes from my father.

I have been brought up in a very cultural environment and am proud of my Aboriginal and Greek heritage.
As a little girl growing up with my older sister, Teisha Anastasia Lea, we watched out father Tony fly aeroplanes in the Kimberly’s, WA, Mt Isa, QLD, the Northern Territory, Wollongong, NSW and Greece. He has now been flying for Virgin Australia based in Brisbane for 15 years.

We lived in Greece for 6 years from 1998-2004 before we came to Brisbane. I found it very challenging living in a foreign country, learning the language and cultural customs. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to have strong family values and embrace both my cultures.

I always had a dream to follow in my father’s footsteps and fly a big jet one day.

When I finished Year 12 at Lourdes Hill Girls School in Brisbane in 2012, I started my Student Pilot Licence at Redcliffe Aeroclub, but my health issues forced me to stop my training for a year. I had cysts on my lower spine and had multiple surgeries over a six-month period. Being a young female, it took a toll on my self-esteem and confidence. Walking around with a device stuck to my lower back to help prevent infection failed and two more operations later I slowly began to heal. I had to reassess my options whilst in constant lower back pain. After speaking with my parents about my passion to continue my dream of becoming a pilot I spoke to my mum and dad and my dad took me to the Gold Coast in October, 2016 to look at flying schools. Immediately I fell in love with Australian Wings Academy based at the Gold Coast Airport. The school had a reputation of providing elite support and individualised training to tailor each student at the school. I enrolled into Australia Wings Academy at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast in November, 2016.

To date I have obtained my Private Pilot Licence in May 2016, and recently my Commercial Pilot Licence in October 2017 with a Diploma of Aviation. I am still currently based at the school where I am finalising my Advanced Pilot Training Program and hope to finish in April this year. It has been very challenging overcoming some of the barriers especially in the flying industry. For instance, being a female in a male dominated industry. At times I have doubted my own ability to get through the gruelling study needed to get to this point.

I have learnt to do the best that I can do and by putting in the hard work I can succeed and believe in my dreams of one day flying a big jet and work around the world doing what I love.

I believe that a major factor in why and where I am today being by the support of my family, but also to prove to myself that there are no barriers in being female and being Aboriginal and Greek descent. I am surprising myself everyday with hard work and dedication, constantly teaching me that the sky has no limits for me in my professional but also personal abilities.

Dream and believe in yourself and they will come true.

My favourite saying is that, “There is always a second chance for everyone, you can start off bad but end good”.

A Strong Woman
Is one who feels deeply
And loves fiercely.
Her tears flow as abundantly
As her laughter.

She is both soft and powerful,
Is both practical and spiritual.

In her essence a Strong Woman
Is a gift to the world…

My name is Ana Gonzalez, a burn Survivor of over 20 years – Ana Gonzalez – Florida USA

My name is Ana Gonzalez, a burn Survivor of over 20 years, known as a beautiful soul. I want to inspire a lot of people to never give up no matter what the circumstances maybe. I was born in Bogota Colombia, New Year’s Eve of 1993, I was spending the night with my mother and sister at the house. My curiosity lead me to the kitchen, where one of the renters was cooking. She was pouring gasoline into a propane stove, she left the valves open. The stove ignited. She threw it and it landed right in front of me and I caught on fire. At that moment, I was unaware of what was happening to me. However, there was my angel, my mom, racing to save my life by putting out the fire with her bare hands. I was rushed to the nearest hospital and diagnosed with a third degree burn over 60% of my body. I was in an induced coma for about 2 weeks. The doctors kept telling my mom I was not going to make it . She was not a Believer at that time but she said God I know you are real please save my daughter. And God answered her prayer.

I was able to be transferred to Shriners Hospital for Children in Galveston Texas in 1994. My treatment continued in Tampa Florida from age 8 until 18. My life has never been easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m grateful and thankful for everything that I have experienced because without it I wouldn’t appreciate life as much as I do now.

At the time of writing this I am in search for a full time position apart from becoming part of the workforce once again, I also want to launch my autobiography this year. I was hoping to have a lot more goals achieved by the time I published my first book, but the time has come to share my powerful story with the world. I am also a University of South Florida graduate with a bachelor’s in geography. I also do a guest blog with a friend on her blogger page name whatever Grace means.com . As part of my personality I like to sing and make handmade threaded bracelets and keychains. As any other female I like to do online shopping . My favourite sport is basketball especially the NBA. I have also found a special app. The most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. Family and friends may come and go, but the Lord will always be by your side no matter what. I love social media as a millennial and I tweet Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, text message email Google Plus can use other mobile apps as the bank , on online Mercari.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to get to know me just a little bit more. I hope my upcoming autobiography will be of a powerful impact to each and everyone of you .

Mum Life – Work, Kids & Every In Between – Leanne Fuller – Australia

How did I come to work from home?

It is always an interesting journey when you become a mother and know that there is something more to life than working around the clock and trading time for money.

Naturally after the birth of my first daughter I looked for opportunities to work from home – I aligned with a network marketing company but I soon found that it wasn’t my true passion and within 5 months of Evie’s birth I had returned back to the workforce.

My personal life and career collided at lightning speed with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in my mother. I thought I had it all worked out with having my mum and sister looking after Evie while I went back to work. I felt torn working for money and in my career or giving up that freedom and flexibility to become a stay at home mum.

I tried unsuccessfully I might add at the time to be at home working a business I wasn’t truly passionate about and all the of demands of being a mum, sister and daughter. My mental health began to suffer and I felt like my identity was being stripped away. I was flailing around in every aspect of my life.

Soon after I returned back to nursing in hospitals and working night shift so that I could make money and still care for my daughter. This also naturally took a toll and we made a decision to send Evie to daycare. I got back into the groove and we found out we were expecting Audrey.

I worked up until 37.5 weeks pregnant because financially we needed the support of the money I was able to bring in.

Post pregnancy the days and nights blurred into one – but I knew importantly I didn’t want to repeat the history of my first post partum journey. I wanted to take control of my health – physically, mentally and financially. I lacked energy, ate almost everything I could get my hands on and lived off caffeine and sugar. I wasn’t turning up as the Mum or wife I wanted to be.

5 weeks after Audrey was born I contacted a good friend and asked her what she was doing.I had watched her journey for the best part of 2 years but knew I wanted a health solution.

So I started the cellular cleanse program I now can’t go a day without putting into my body. Within a week I had energy to burn, my body recalibrated from craving junk and processed foods I even went 21 days without a coffee.For anyone who knew me this was a miracle in itself. I started to sleep better and so did my baby.

It wasn’t just the physical transformation but the group of people who surrounded me – my sense of purpose soared.I was surrounded by positive and like minded people who pushed me to be the best version of myself and spiritually I also became a better person. I started to have faith and pray to God. On a personal level life was definitely not easy at the time post birth of Audrey and I am forever thankful for saying yes to putting myself first.

Naturally when I started to gain results I wanted to look at the business opportunity and knew that I was aligning with a company and products that I am truly passionate about.

I have a well balanced lifestyle with working my home business, spending quality time with my loved ones and have resumed nursing one day a week whilst I build up my business and a legacy I can be proud of developing for my children and generations to come.

About the Author

I am a Melbourne mum of 2 girls Evie 3 years,Audrey 7 months old and a stepson Dom who is 11.

I have always had a passion for caring for people and health and wellness. So it was natural for me to be drawn to my calling as a registered nurse in busy hospitals around Melbourne specialising in Emergency and Intensive Care.

However as with most careers although flexibility has always been an option it came at a cost to spending time with my children and husband.

You can contact Leanne on email at leannemh@hotmail.com or visit her FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/leannefullerhealthandwellnesscoach/


To think In One Split Second Your Entire Universe Can Change – Sally Cowman – Australia

To think in one split second of time that your entire universe can change is some what far fetched for most people. Gee I even use to think this too.

I thought time was on my side and deep down I really never thought that I would have an injury that would stop me from doing a sport I love so much, let alone stop my life as I knew it.

It was just like any day, I got up early to get out on my bike for training and headed out to meet the airport group ride. But that is all I can remember until my first recollection of being in hospital. My first memory of being in hospital was on the fourth day after my accident, which I found out later from talking with my mother about that time.

11th March 2007 is a date that will stay with me forever. My life was never going to be the same after this day and I like to think that everything happens for a reason or for the greater good for myself and others in some way, which is why I’m sharing my story with you.

Racing my bike was my world, it was everything I had set my sights on and I was hoping to race professionally for the years to come. On March 11th 2007 the universe had other plans for me. Well, at least I think so as I’m still here to plan:) I had a crash in a group ride which resulted in a collarbone fracture but also bleeding and swelling on my brain. My mother told me I spent four days in ICU and the rest of the weeks in another high dependency ward, I don’t remember any of that only three little moments and I only remember one of my visitor’s. But Mum assured me I had a lot of visitors and she said that my hospital room looked like a florist.

When I was out of hospital I still only remember little snippets but I do remember thinking, I need to focus on my recovery now and put the fact that this happened out of my mind and just get on with it. I had short term memory loss, double vision, slurred speech, numbness down my left side and balance issues. I had a constant migraine and I couldn’t do much but sleep (even that was painful) once I was out of hospital and sent home with my parents to have them look after me. It was a long road to recovery, taking roughly four and a half years until I felt I could live my life to my potential again. Not as an elite athlete but in general.

After all the positive mind training I did for my cycling racing for example NLP and Cognitive behavioural therapy, I had heard people use this for their recovery from all types of injuries. So I decided to do just that. It took a lot of dedication but for some reason I was so positive after this accident thinking that it would make me stronger, I think this was mostly from my sport psychology training I had done and I think that had set me up in the best way possible to recover. I also heard about neuroplasticity, which they call this a re-wiring of the brain. This is where an undamaged part of the brain takes over the function which was previously managed by the damaged area.

I was always quite upset when I came home from my rehabilitation appointments. At the first appointment that I can remember, we basically talked about writing notes and appointments down so it would be easier to remember things and I wouldn’t miss appointments like I had been doing. My doctor also told me I’d be able to ride to about 80% of my normal capacity in two years’ time, now that was very hard for me to hear. I’d never want to believe my doctor and I sure as hell tested everything he told me. I went and rode approximately 500kms the next week with great difficulty. I’d get to the coffee shop with the bunch and have to sit and compose myself while everyone got coffee. I couldn’t see clearly, would have a throbbing migraine and my left arm and leg were extremely numb. Friends would ask if I’m ok but I’d just say yes, as I got to learn that most people wouldn’t know how to respond  if I told them the truth, which is fine, I just think the awareness isn’t there about brain injury. After this week of riding I had to spend the next week in bed, I had a constant migraine, blurred vision and vomiting. So, the doctor was right.

When I was attending another rehabilitation appointment is when my doctor told me that I would loose my balance if I kept pushing hard while exercising when my left arm and leg went numb. Of course I had to test this too. I was careful about it and didn’t test it while I was out on the road but the first time I tried to push it was on the ergo (indoor trainer). I couldn’t really go too hard on the bike anyway as I’d get a migraine almost instantly but I tried to do some efforts and I got through them ok. But as the day went on things were spinning and I felt a bit off. I went to college that night and just got home, I was pegging some washing out on the line and I lost my balance and fell onto the verandas railing. A few days later I kept going in a swimming session when my arm and leg felt really numb, it felt really strange in moving my arm at this point and I got out of the pool and over I went. So I knew the doctor was right and what a clever man to know that, I thought back then.

Funnily enough the next time I saw my doctor was after I had my first fall off my bike since my big accident. He was entering into Paddy Pallin, where they were kind enough to let me work a couple of days a week during my recovery. I had a sling on from the fall as I had partially torn my rotator cuff in my shoulder and my doctor started shaking his head. I said quickly, I didn’t hit my head so it’s ok! My doctor was getting some equipment for a holiday he had coming up but oh what a coincidence that he had to come into the shop on that day!  I said to my doctor, oh and by the way, you are right! I do loose my balance when I keep pushing the exercise when my arm and leg go more numb. He said “Well, I’d like to think so after my years of research”. But he also had a bit of a smile on his face.

So after the specialist told me he didn’t know if my balance issue would resolve and if I’d be able to fully race again, this is the same attitude I took to it. I tried as I wanted to prove that wrong, like everything else even though the doctor was right before, but this time he wasn’t sure himself and there was that doubt which meant that’s a possibility to me that I can get better.

After reading about neuroplasticity and other books about the brain. I set on re-wiring mine, I raced club racing and pulled out before the last lap most weeks and of course pushed it too hard at times and had some very close calls but I was cautious as I didn’t want to put others at risk of being hurt if I fell. I also practised visualisation, where I imagined I was able to complete a race with no balance problems. Eventually I was able to complete the last lap and sprint and was back to winning the A grade women’s at the club racing, it was a hard road but I got there in the end and my neurologist gave me the clearance to race in open races, that means state and national events. That was around the end of 2009 so only 2 years and 8 months after the accident that resulted in brain injury. I was over the moon and the Cronulla Criterium was in three weeks! So I set my sights on doing that. I also was able to compete in my first State championship since the accident, which we won! But I also had a very rocky road afterwards.

I still had a long way to go in my recovery at this point but I never gave up and I tried to be as positive as I could about the experience. I received a scholarship to study a business and marketing diploma the year after my accident and from using my brain when it was very hard to, really helped in my recovery and my doctors even said how amazing the recovery I had made. I never really believed this until I started my nursing degree and then went back to read my discharge summary from hospital and then understood the medical terminology of my brain injury and the extent of the bleeds. I thought WHOA! I have made a massive recovery when you look at the statistics.

I have just completed my first year of nursing looking after other people with brain injury and from my personal experience I felt this gave me a real understanding to help and provide support in the best way possible. I want every one with brain injury and anyone for that matter to know the anything is possible and to always have hope. If I was that unwell and can recover to almost 100%, Then that is a darn miracle!, no one that sees me or talks to me can tell I’ve had a brain injury. I have learnt through this experience to never give up and that using my brain to study and do mind training/exercises was the key factor in me recovering so well, I will always do some sort of study now because I know this. When people say use it or you will lose it, certainly rings true to me. If I can get through this, I now know I can get through anything and you can too!

About the author

Growing up in Brisbane Queensland, I started cycling racing when I was eight years old. I fell in love with the sport and set my sights on being the best I could be. I won my first state championship shortly after starting in the sport, going on to win a junior national championship and placing 7th in the World under 19 championship time trial in 2002. After having a great 2006 season racing in Europe with the Australian Institute of Sport and an Italian professional team, and competing in races such as world cups and Tour de laude (France) my cycling career was cut short when I had an accident in a training race which resulted in bleeding on the brain. After nearly 5 years on I felt I was recovered enough to live life to my potential again. After knowing how terribly hard it is to have injury to the brain, I developed a compassion for anyone going through brain injury, stroke and people with similar symptoms that come from these medical conditions. With this compassion came the want to help others going through this, so I started a bachelor of Nursing in 2013 with this goal. I reached my goal and worked my graduate year as a registered nurse in a neurology unit. I am aiming to get back into cycling racing but mainly as a hobby now but I will always ride for fitness and fun.

Making My Dreams A Reality – Britney Foltz – Nebraska USA

I am a busy mom to three boys ages 6, 3, and 1. Also a Registered Nurse and worked in Labor & Delivery for 8 years.  I loved my job and knew that is where I wanted to be as a nurse, but something was missing.  I worked nights, holidays, and weekends, and dreaded being away.  I was missing putting my kids to bed at night and our routine.  I was missing the little moments, the first time they crawled, first words, and so much more.  I wanted to be fully present.  That’s when I realized my dream job was to be a stay at home mommy. I didn’t want to miss any more moments, not to mention night shift can really begin to wear on you.   It was when I was on maternity leave with my third boy that I realized something had to change.  I knew that in order for me to stay home full time we needed another form of income.  We looked into clinic jobs and more day time nursing jobs.  All required a pay cut, insurance changes, and added daycare expenses.

Then a lightbulb turned on.  I needed something I could do from home, that didn’t require me to leave.  Scrolling through facebook I often saw posts about Rodan + Fields.  I had never personally tried the products, but had family members that had and it transfomred their skin.  I knew the products were legit, and the more I learned about the company I fell in love.  After discussing it with my husband I decided to jump in with both feet.  I had nothing to lose. There was no risk to join as the business came with a 60 day money back guarantee.  I hit the ground running and I immediately fell in love with the products and wanted to share them with everyone.

A year and a half in the business I have replaced my full-time nursing income and am able to follow my dreams and be a stay at home mommy, and still contribute to my family financially.  I don’t have to leave to go to work, everything is run on my smart phone or computer.

This opportunity is definitely changing our life, and now I am a leading a team of amazing motivated women to help them fullfill their dreams and change their future.  I have learned this truly is so much more than skincare and extra income.  It has allowed me to find an identity and find something for me as a stay at home mommy. It allows me to do things I never thought I could do and completely step out of my comfort zone.  I have met so many wonderful women and made new friends that I’ll have for a lifetime.  I am thankful I took a leap of faith and tried something new.  Something I never dreamed would be the vehicle to allow me to stay home with my boys.

And now I’ll never miss another moment, as time goes too fast, and they are only little once.

Britney Foltz

Email:  Britney her bjreich14@hotmail.com

Level V Executive Consultant – Rodan + Fields USA 

I am African, I am a girl – Ngwa Damaris Ngum – Africa

I was one with the world until race separated me from the rest of the world. Race is a group of people with common genetic features such as physical traits. Races arise from the need for nature to express human existence in diverse groups, in order to make life more colorful and beautiful. Unfortunately, society has used it to sow seeds of discord and separation. Just because I am black, you are white, she is yellow, does not make us different. It just signifies various facets of the same fundamental human essence.

I was one with the world until borders separated me from the rest of the world. Borders are artificial lines that separate geographic areas. Borders were created as a means of easily managing humans or social groups but society has used as a dividing criteria of people and societies. Borders have become a source of conflict instead of a means to preserve order and peace. Countries fight each other because they feel they are different. That I am from Africa and you are from Europe, Asia, and America does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until religion separated me from the rest of the world. Religion is just a particular system of faith, belief and worship. Religious groups’ fight each other and the religious leaders watch and do very little or nothing to bring peace. They engage in trying to show the supremacy of their various religions over other religions. Religion which was supposed to be the most loving and harmonizing platform has now become a major perpetrator of hatred and conflict. That I am Christian and you are Muslim, Hindu, Budhist, etc does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until language separated me from the rest of the world. Languages are just a system of communication among people. They are not meant to separate us. That I speak English and you speak French, German, Chinese does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until currencies separated me from the rest of the world. Currency is just a system of money or medium of exchange in general used in a particular area. It should not be an instrument of division among humans. That I use the Francs CFA and you use the Naira, Pound sterling, Dollar, Euro  does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until wealth separated me from the rest of the world. Wealth is just an abundance of material valuable possessions or money. I should not be treated badly because I am poor and you treated nicely because you are rich. That I have a thousand francs and you have one million francs does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until politics separated me from the rest of the world. Politics is just a set of activities associated with the governance of an area or the use of mandated and consultative power and authority to foster the interest, values and ideals of a community such as a country. It is meant to assist in building a nation and not a tool for division within a nation. That I am a democrat and you are an autocrat does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until education separated me from the rest of the world. Education is just a process of acquiring knowledge to better ones’ environment. Education is supposed to be a means for us to develop and mobilize our individual and collective strengths, and not a medium for division and hostility. That I pursued formal education and you pursued informal education does not make us different. That I have a Bachelor’s degree and you have a Doctorate Degree does not make us different.

I was one with the world until status separated me from the rest of the world. Status is just a relative social or professional position in society. A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man to make life more comfortable for us therefore I am female and you are male does not make me less inferior to you. A doctor needs a teacher as well as a teacher needs a doctor. A soldier needs a civilian as well as a civilian needs a soldier. A president needs his citizens as well as the citizens needs their president. Different professional and social status make life more comfortable for us all. It does not make us different from each other.

We were all humans, created equal until racism, borders, religion, status, wealth, position, currency, language, education, sex, politics etc brought in division, hate and separation among us. Countries fighting each other, the rise of terrorism and rebel groups, religious wars, civil wars, class distinction as a result of differences in wealth, race and position. Government administrators are ill-treating their own citizens in the form of corruption, embezzlement and human right abuse. All these and more have caused the world not to know peace for decades now with humans having no hope for peace on earth again.

I was born with my mind telling me I was equal to every other  person on earth until society made me know I was black; I therefore should despise whites; I am a Christian and should belittle non-Christians; I am African, I am a girl etc. All these caused me to feel less than others and so hated all those who were different from me. I built ideologies of division and hate for years until “the power of a mother” instilled equality, love, peace and unity in me. She made me know that no human is different or greater than another human on earth. This message is absent in our classrooms, misinterpreted by our religious leaders and administrators to cause more hate and division. Her message gave me hope. The hope of peace and unity on earth. I am so thankful to my mother for the knowledge she has imparted in me. At this time when the world is in need for peace, unity and equality, advocates like her cannot not be left unnoticed. She has put her message deep in me and keeps reminding me that we are the peace, unity and equality the world needs and looks up to.

Today I stand as one of the world’s peace, unity and equality advocates in my little corner of the earth because of the power of one woman, the power of a mother. I learned that for peace to reign I must have love and compassion for myself and everyone around me; never allow anyone make me feel like nobody; respect every human being, face the bullies and  lift up the down-casted in society while doing these things I should never ever give up. Now my compassion is not restricted by any social barrier; it is for the entire world. I am not limited by any particular religion, caste or creed. I see all humanity as one, and I am out to serve humanity at large. I am a testimony of how the voice of one woman; a mother changed me so I am calling on every other woman/mother to join the train in singing this song of peace to their children and later generations thereby getting to be peace advocates like myself. Females are always made to keep their voices silent but let mothers not silent their voices. Let us raise our voices to bring forth a generation of peace makers. Our time on earth is short therefore we have to make the later generations live in a world full of peace, unity and equality by acting now and accelerating the multiplier effect of peace.


About the Author

I am Ngwa Damaris Ngum, a female of Cameroonian nationality living in the North West region of Cameroon. I have a BSc in Economics from the University of Buea.

With regards to the current global crisis: natural disasters, climate change, rising inequalities, human rights abuses, escalating conflicts, increase disease occurrences, pressure on resources, environmental degradation etc . I originate from one of the two English speaking regions of my country who were being marginalized and has led to retaliation and civil unrest since October 2016.No challenge is without solution so I am currently setting up a “PEACE AND GREEN” village initiative to help people out of these global challenges. My vision is to see that we live in peace and serenity. I will love for every woman to be part of my peace building committee.

The PEACE aspect will consist of a group of individuals who will live together in peace, no tribalism, no racism, no greed, no religious difference etc. WE are a group of individuals who will set the pace and spread the information of peace, unity and equality.

The GREEN aspect will be to encourage a green diet and a green life style. This is to reduce the adverse effects of animal farms/animal products on the climate and our health.

email: Princessdama88@yahoo.com

Tel: +237 677519677